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In today’s world of ever increasing prescription copays and high gas prices, MARLEY DRUG has the solution for you!

With our EXTENDED SUPPLY DISCOUNT GENERIC PROGRAM, you can get a three, six, nine, or twelve months supply of many generic medications for $20, $37, $55 or $70 dollars. The more you buy, the more you save.

What’s more, we will even ship it to your door! Shipping is even free for 6 month supplies or more ($10 for all others)!

Question: How can I transfer my generic prescriptions into your Extended Supply Program?
Answer:: “Easy! There are a number of ways”

  • Just call us at 800-286-6781 and give us your Rx number, pharmacy name and phone number,
    along with your mailing address and we will do the rest, or
  • Have your doctor’s office call in new prescriptions for your medications, or
  • Send an email with all the information to dmarley@marleydrug.com

Question: “How do I get my refills?”
Answer: “Easy”

  • You can go online at www.marleydrug.com and set up an account under the “REFILL PRESCRIPTION” tab.
    Then just put in your Rx numbers and submit.
  • Sign up for automatic refill and your refills will be sent automatically when they are due.