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Feb 6, 2023

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Marley Drug's Customer Services Shines with Launch of E-Commerce Website

  • 2022 customer survey found 97% of Marley Drug customers were very satisfied with their experience
  • In 2022 the average delivery time for remote customers was 1.8 days

Creating a Healthier Pharmacy ExperienceThe Numbers for Marley Drug in 2022

We all know that stress is bad for our health, yet we are faced with paradox when it comes to obtaining our prescriptions. How can we keep our stress levels low while going through the rigmarole that many pharmacies put us through in order to access the medications that we need?

When you call a big box pharmacy here is what happens. You’re greeted by a robot, transferred to the wrong department, put on hold for what feels like hours, and finally, if you’re lucky, you speak to someone at the pharmacy who puts you on hold (again) before you are finally transferred to speak to a pharmacist. Sure, eventually you get your medication, but what else do you get? Stress. The last thing that you need when you’re trying to take steps to take care of your health.

When the new owners took over at Marley Drug, they wanted to create a healthier pharmacy experience. That means a stress-free pharmacy experience. They looked at each step of the pharmacy experience and looked for ways to optimize it and make it more enjoyable.

To make sure we are on the same page, I want you to understand who Marley Drug is. Marley Drug is an independently owned pharmacy located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They serve walk-in customers at their Winston-Salem location (5008 Peters Creek Parkway), as well remote customers located all across the U.S. If you cannot make it into their store, you can order your medication online or over the phone, regardless of what state you live in, and they will send the medication to your door. No delivery fee. It’s as simple as that.

How does Marley Drug ensure customers have a healthier, stress-free pharmacy experience?

Easy Access to Customer Support

When you call Marley Drug, you speak to someone at the pharmacy (not a robot) in 60 seconds or less. There is no impossible to navigate call tree, and no long hold times. Prescriptions are filled by their friendly pharmacist at the North Carolina store and when you call, you speak directly with the staff who are responsible for filling your prescription.

Quick Prescription Fills for Local Customers

If you go in to pick up your prescription you will be greeted by their friendly staff and get your medications right away. No long line-ups and wait times. They even have a drive thru if you just want to grab and go. With a new and improved pharmacy management system Marley Drug was able to get their in-store fill times down to an average of 9.8 minutes. That means less waiting for you.

Fast and Seamless Delivery for Remote Customers

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Winston-Salem. Their staff would be happy to ship your medication straight to your door with no delivery fee. As long as they receive the prescription before 2PM EST the medications will be shipped out the same day. In 2022 the average delivery time for their remote customers was 1.8 days.

Once Marley Drug put their plans in place to offer their healthier pharmacy experience, they had to make sure it was working. There’s no better way to do that than to ask the customers themselves. Here’s what they had to say.

97% of customers were very satisfied with their pharmacy experience. Not frustrated. Not disappointed. Not Stressed. Satisfied.

One customer even went as far to ask us to open a store near them!

"Can you open a branch on Long Island. Lol. But seriously, can you???""

All of this feedback is great to here. The icing on the cake though – and how Marley Drug really knew they had succeeded at providing a healthier customer experience was when 98.5% of their customers said that they would recommend Marley Drug to a friend or family member.

So I will be a friend and recommend that you check out Marley Drug for a healthier pharmacy experience.

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