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Manage hypothyroidism with EUTHYROX® for as low as $7/month

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EUTHYROX is bioequivalent to SYNTHROID® (levothyroxine sodium).

The Importance of Proper Storage for Levothyroxine

Levothyroxine, a synthetic hormone to treat hypothyroidism, has a potency that can be significantly affected by external factors such as light, oxygen, and moisture.

The consistency of each dose's potency is critical to ensure effective treatment. A lack of potency in levothyroxine can lead to persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism, including fatigue, hair thinning, constipation, muscle aches, weight gain, facial swelling, depression, memory issues, and elevated cholesterol levels. These symptoms can arise from incorrect dosing or the medication losing strength due to improper storage.

EUTHYROX: Blister Packaging for Enhanced Protection

EUTHYROX comes in blister packaging, specifically designed to shield the medication from light, oxygen, maintaining its potency until consumption. In contrast, generic levothyroxine stored in traditional bottles may not provide the same level of protection, with studies indicating that its effectiveness can decline within 30 days.

Euthyrox Blister Package

Accessibility and Affordability of EUTHYROX

EUTHYROX is made available at a competitive price point through Marley Drug, courtesy of an agreement with Provell Pharmaceuticals. This partnership aims to enhance access to medications at reduced costs by eliminating the need for intermediaries such as wholesalers and insurance companies, which often escalate prices.

  • No insurance required
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Available to all patients with a valid prescription

Consider discussing EUTHYROX with your physician during your next appointment. To facilitate this conversation, download and bring the information sheet to your visit.

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I really love Marley’s quick responses and the fact that I can purchase a 6 month supply rather than running to the drugstore every 30/90 days. The staff is wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. I love ...
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Check out this mail in pharmacy. My cardiologist referred me to them for best price on cholesterol lowering med. I found them to be helpful, professional and provide prompt service.
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As soon as my doctor submitted the prescription, I was contacted by Terri, who explained the process and set up delivery to my home. It could not have been easier!
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Additional Benefits of EUTHYROX

Designed for Tolerability and Accessibility

There's a reason why EUTHYROX is the most dispensed brand levothyroxine in the world. Each year, over 53 million patients globally rely on EUTHYROX for their thyroid health, a testament to its widespread acceptance and trust among healthcare professionals and patients alike.

No dyes, lactose or gluten products

EUTHYROX tablets are carefully formulated without dyes, lactose, or gluten to minimize the risk of adverse reactions in patients with sensitivities to these substances. This thoughtful composition ensures that more patients can benefit from EUTHYROX without compromising their dietary restrictions or experiencing unnecessary side effects.

Accessible Packaging

EUTHYROX packaging features braille imprints. This design enhancement makes it easier for visually impaired patients to identify and manage their medication.

As Affordable as a Generic

Through Marley Drug you can access EUTHYROX for as little as $7 a month when you order a year supply.

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