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Get Sitagliptin tablets (comparable to ZITUVIO®) for $80/month

  • Available in 25, 50, 100 mg tablets
  • No insurance needed
  • Requires a prescription

For those managing Type 2 Diabetes, DPP-4 inhibitors have become an important treatment option. Focusing on the body’s natural ability to regulate glucose levels, this drug class has significantly expanded the therapeutic options, offering a combination of efficacy, safety, and convenience.

However, the retail cost of these popular medications can be steep, often exceeding $600 per month, which puts them out of reach for many individuals.

Generic Sitagliptin: A Cost-Effective DPP-4 Inhibitor

Sitagliptin is a medication that operates by managing blood sugar levels in the same manner as brand sitagliptin.

Sitagliptin for Just $80/Month

Generic sitagliptin is available for $80/month through Marley Drug.

How can we offer generic sitagliptin when its not available at other pharmacies?

In 2023, the FDA approved ZITUVIO (sitagliptin). The manufacturers have authorized a generic for ZITUVIO, generic sitagliptin, which is sold exclusively through Marley Drug pharmacy at a cash price of $80/month. By buying direct from Marley Drug, patients can save on sitagliptin.

Getting generic sitagliptin for $80 per month is straightforward:

  • No insurance needed
  • Free shipping
  • Available to anyone with a valid prescription

Sitagliptin is recommended alongside diet and exercise to enhance blood sugar control in adults with Type 2 Diabetes. It is not suitable for those with Type 1 Diabetes or with a history of pancreatitis.

Download the Sitagliptin info sheet to bring to your next doctor's appointment.

About Sitagliptin

In clinical studies, sitagliptin has been shown to help lower hemoglobin A1C levels in those already taking metformin by 0.7%.

  • Helps to lower blood sugar levels including A1C
  • Taken once daily with or without food
  • Available by prescription only

How Sitagliptin Works

To understand how sitagliptin works, it's essential to know the body's natural response to food.

As you digest food, your body releases an incretin hormone known as GLP-1. This hormone plays a critical role in lowering blood sugar by signaling the pancreas to produce more insulin and informing the brain that you're full, which helps control appetite.

However, GLP-1 doesn't last long in the bloodstream because the DPP-4 enzyme rapidly breaks it down. Sitagliptin comes into play by inhibiting the DPP-4 enzyme, preventing GLP-1 from being broken down too quickly. This action allows GLP-1 to remain in the bloodstream longer, providing it more time to effectively manage blood sugar levels and maintain a feeling of fullness.

What's unique about sitagliptin is its ability to adapt to the body's fluctuating needs. It intensifies its blood sugar-lowering efforts when levels are elevated and moderates when they are lower, minimizing the risk of hypoglycemia (excessively low blood sugar). This adaptability makes sitagliptin an effective and safe option for blood sugar regulation.

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