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Build Trust with Your Patients by Referring them to Marley Drug

Your patients trust you.

From diagnosis to treatment, they look to you for all the answers. When you refer them to Marley Drug, you are referring them to a trustworthy U.S. based pharmacy with over 90 years of pharmacy experience. We will provide your patients:

  • Low prices
  • Free home delivery nationwide
  • Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List includes 100s of medications

Simple process for your patients

PrescriptionWe receive the prescription

ContactWe contact the patient and confirm the details

DeliveryWe ship the medication via First Class USPS mail

3 ways to send prescriptions to Marley Drug

e-scribeElectronically to “Marley Drug” in Winston-Salem, NC

FaxFax 336-771-9921

PhonePhone   800-286-6781

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Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List sets us apart

Our Wholesale Price List gives patients many popular generic medications for only $70 a year. No insurance is needed.

We believe in building strong

Sign up today for Marley Drug Prescription Adherence Reports to
see if your patients filled their prescriptions.

We will provide you:

  • Weekly reports on prescription fills
  • Notifications on the launch of new generics and our latest price
  • Resources for your clinic to provide to patients

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