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The Marley Drug Difference

Dave saved $4,340 on prescription costs + 4 trips to the pharmacy.

Total Yearly Savings
Marley Drug Walmart Walgreens CVS
$280 $2,740 $3,820 $4,620
Cholesterol Medication $70 $1,264 $1,272 $2,200
Mental Health Medication $70 $963 $708 $700
Blood Pressure Medication $70 $96 $592 $592
Asthma Medication $70 $452 $1,248 $1,128
Pharmacy visits 0 4+ 4+ 4+

Pricing is comparing the cost of 1 year prescription fills at Marley Drug to 90-day prescription fills at a local pharmacy. Pricing as of February 14, 2022

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The Pharmacy You Can Trust

I was about to cancel my prescription because my monthly cost with insurance was almost $150! Now I can get a 6-month supply for only $37,

- Mark T

Check out this mail in pharmacy. My cardiologist referred me to them for best price on cholesterol lowering med. I found them to be helpful, professional and provide prompt service.

- Theresa S.

As soon as my doctor submitted the prescription, I was contacted by Terri, who explained the process and set up delivery to my home. It could not have been easier!

- Amy W.

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We are an award winning team of US based pharmacists on a mission to make prescription drugs affordable for everyone. With 20 years of combined experience, we offer the knowledge you need and the compassion you deserve. Learn More Today. Learn more.(need to link this to page he mentioned)