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Marley Drug Approved Through NABP’s .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program

May 18, 2022 – Marley Drug has been approved through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. Earning approval through the .Pharmacy Program enabled Marley Drug to register a .pharmacy domain name for its website. A .pharmacy domain is part of a website’s address like “.com” or “.biz”, allowing consumers to more easily recognize the Marley Drug website as a trustworthy place to shop for or learn about prescription medications. In addition, because the “seal of approval” is in the website address, .pharmacy is a seal of safety that cannot be faked.

The .Pharmacy Program was created to provide consumers around the world with a means for easily identifying safe and legitimate pharmacies or pharmacy-related websites. Since .pharmacy is a verified domain, to be approved, domain applicants undergo an evaluation process based on 10 core safety standards. 

Marley Drug provides online pharmacy services with a commitment to improving patient health status while reducing health care costs. Marley Drug is licensed in all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy and has been serving the community for nearly 20 years.

“Misrepresentation and lack of education have given rise to many fraudulent companies selling drugs to consumers by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge, which in turn makes it more difficult for authentic and regulated pharmacies like Marley Drug to make an impact and draw larger and more diverse bodies of consumers, notes Dr. Albert Friesen, CEO of Medicure Inc. “This accreditation provides customers new to Marley Drug the extra reassurance that we are a legitimate pharmacy offering high-quality FDA-approved medications.”

According to NABP, out of the more than 11,500 websites selling prescription drugs that it has reviewed, only 4% follow pharmacy laws and standards established to protect public health. In addition, 89% do not require a valid prescription, and half of the websites reviewed offer foreign or non-Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs, many of which may be dangerous counterfeits, to unsuspecting United States patients. Further, health and regulatory agencies in the US and abroad have reported cases of patients harmed by counterfeit, substandard, and adulterated medications distributed by rogue online drug sellers. Having a .pharmacy domain sets legitimate website operators apart from these rogue sites because NABP only approves those companies that adhere to pharmacy laws in the jurisdictions in which they are based and in which their patients and customers reside so that consumers can easily find safe online pharmacies.

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