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Marley Drug is an Established Online Pharmacy Option to Cuban's Pharmacy

A customer of Cost Plus Drugs received an email from the company in October stating that “due to skyrocketing demand,” shipping times have been delayed. Marley Drug, a competitor, said its company has not experienced delays and presented itself as an alternative for Americans.

Med City News, a online news source for business innovations in the healthcare space, published an article on November 6, 2022 highlights Marley Drug, entitled, Competitor: We Are an Established Option Vis-a-Vis Cuban’s Pharmacy Startup.

The article covers the key differences between Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs online pharmacy and Marley Drug. Notably, Marley Drug operates as both a local pharmacy, and an online pharmacy with three staffed pharmacists, Jon, Chris and Dee, to answer any medication questions patients have.

With nearly 20 years of experience under their belt, and experience shipping medications nationwide for nearly 12 years, Marley Drug has the experience needed by an online pharmacy to provide not only cost-effective medications, but also excellent customer service.

"We’ve been around for nearly 20 years. We are first and foremost a brick and mortar pharmacy that has experienced all types of customers … We do have the ability to grow beyond our current limits to support the demand we have,” said Dr. Reuben Saba.

Competition in the online pharmacy space is great news for US consumers. Having multiple options for low cost medications will help keep costs low. It's also falls right in line with Marley Drug's wholesale price pricing philosophy. We price our medications based on what it costs us to buy them.

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