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Marley Drug to Partner with RxSpark, the Next Generation in Pharmacy Discount Programs, to be its Sole Mail-Order Pharmacy

Marley Drug is pleased to announce the integration as the sole mail-order pharmacy for RxSpark™, the next generation in pharmacy discount programs.

Described as a much-needed disruptor in the health and pharmacy space, technology company RxSpark addresses an urgent need with its proprietary prescription drug savings program through Poor-coverage or lack of health insurance, exacerbated by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed prescription medication beyond the reach of many Americans. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes to the healthcare system unlike any other recent event, with increased consumer demand for online services such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring and home delivery of medications. For its customers, the RxSpark platform offers a powerful search function and an improved drug results capacity which makes it easier to find the best discounted prices for medications in nearby pharmacies throughout the U.S.

The integration of Marley Drug as the sole mail-order pharmacy for the RxSpark platform now allows consumers using the platform to receive medication directly to their door. The Marley Drug home delivery service will be available to all consumers regardless of where they may live in the U.S., as Marley Drug is licensed to provide medication in all 50 states and most territories. Apart from the typical 30- and 90-day fill of medication, Marley Drug also offer customers the ability to acquire extended supply fills of 6- and 12-months. For chronic care medication, 6- and 12-month quantities could increase patient adherence and lead to better management of medical conditions. Additional benefits include fewer pharmacy visits, less frequent refills and overall reduced cost. Marley Drug will provide well over 100 chronic care medications at $37 for 6-months and $70-for 12 months with free delivery anywhere in the United States and some territories.

Says Albert D. Friesen, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Medicure and Chair of its Board of Directors - "We are pleased to partner with RxSpark and to serve as the sole mail-order pharmacy on the platform. Many Americans do not realize that prescription drug pricing can significantly vary from one pharmacy to another, and even from day to day. However, having Marley Drug as a consistent option for affordable medication that is accessible by all Americans regardless of where they may live, using the RxSpark platform, will provide a reasonable option for medication disparities. This is another step forward to adapt to the rapidly changing health care landscape which places the consumer first, and it is also part of our broader growth strategy, which recently included launching the Marley Drug Pharmacy e-commerce platform –"

"In light of seismic changes to the health ecospace and the shift to online services, we are excited to be partnering with Marley Drug to offer mail order medications to our members across the whole of the U.S. Our goal has always been to improve access to affordable prescription medications and thereby encourage adherence to treatment plans and contribute to a healthier America. Partnering with Marley Drug expands this offering, adding an affordable mail order option to our prescription savings program," says John Casson, CEO and Founder of RxSpark.

Read the full press release from Medicure - a manufacturer who owns Marley Drug who is working to improve access to affordable mediations for all Americans.

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