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Marley Drug: Upholding Quality and Safety in the Wake of FDA's Counterfeit Ozempic Warning

In response to the FDA's recent warning about counterfeit Ozempic (semaglutide), Marley Drug reiterates its commitment to the highest standards of pharmaceutical safety and authenticity. This commitment is in line with our ongoing efforts to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which mandates a secure supply chain for prescription drugs in the United States.

The FDA Warning Explained

On December 21st the FDA identified counterfeit Ozempic units in the U.S. market, posing significant health risks. This warning was specifically related to the 1mg injection format. The agency's advice to verify the authenticity of medications highlights the dangers of counterfeit drugs.

If you have purchased Ozempic from another source, other than Marley Drug, be sure to check the products information to ensure you did not receive a counterfeit version. If your 1 mg Ozempic Injection Pen contains the lot number NAR0074 and serial number 430834149057 as pictured below contact the pharmacy which it was purchased from and do not use it. 

Ozempic Counterfeit Lot Number

Previously in the year counterfeit Ozempic had also been identified in the market. As Ozempic is still under patent by Novo Nordisk, compounding of semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic) is not yet allowed, unless in cases of a drug shortage. Novo Nordisk reports that testing of compounded semaglutide revealed unknown impurities up to 33%, a peptide FDA determined cannot be used in compounding due to safety risks, and/or inaccurate strengths with at least 19% less “semaglutide” than labeled.1

Marley Drug's Commitment to Quality

Marley Drug's procurement process, in adherence to DSCSA requirements, involves rigorous verification of the authenticity and safety of all medications, including Ozempic. Our approach ensures that each product we dispense is genuine and safe, reflecting our deep understanding of the industry's complexities.

We can confirm that no Ozempic sold through Marley Drug is counterfeit thanks in large part to our early participation in the DSCSA requirements which would make the entrance of counterfeit products into the supply chain near impossible. 

This vigilant approach extends beyond a single medication. It is a cornerstone of our procurement process, ensuring that every medication we offer, from Ozempic to others, is genuine, effective, and safe. Our customers' health and trust are paramount, and we go to great lengths to safeguard both.

Industry Standards and Best Practices

The pharmaceutical industry faces significant challenges, including the threat of counterfeit medications. Marley Drug's response to these offers of low-cost Ozempic highlights our dedication to exceeding industry standards. Our procurement procedures are rigorous and thorough, setting us apart in our commitment to quality and safety.

Marley Drug is a subsidiary of Medicure Inc, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company who has ample experience with the pharmaceutical supply chain. When any low-cost branded product becomes available on the market it raises suspicion.

DSCSA compliance is an important protection that can be utilized to avoid these occurrences, however, it is currently not a requirement for pharmacies to participate in as it is being phased in over several years.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which was part of the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, was put in place to help enhance the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the United States.

DSCSA allows pharmacies to trace the movement of prescription products through the supply chain back to their source. This helps to set standards for the exchange of information about drug transactions, verifying the legitimacy of the drug product identifier, and implementing systems to identify and respond to suspicious products.

For Ozempic, this original source would always be Novo Nordisk, given that the branded product is still on patent.


Marley Drug's commitment to DSCSA compliance and vigilant medication sourcing is a testament to our dedication to customer safety. We encourage our customers to remain informed and trust us for their medication needs, assured in our commitment to their well-being.