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The below list of medications are on the Marley Drug Wholesale Price List. Without the need for insurance, you can get access to all of these medications for just $37 for a 6-month supply, or $70 for a full-year, or 12-month supply.

We also offer free shipping on orders of 6-months supply or more. All we need is a valid prescription from your healthcare provider.

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Acarbose Generic Precose®Diabetes
Acyclovir Generic Zovirax®Antiviral
Alfuzosin Extended Release (ER) Generic Uroxatral®Men's Health
Allopurinol Generic Zyloprim®Gout Treatment
Amiodarone Generic Pacerone®Heart Disease
Amitriptyline Generic Elavil®Mental Health
Amlodipine Generic Norvasc®Heart Disease
Amlodipine/Benazepril Generic Lotrel®Heart Disease
Amoxicillin Generic Amoxil®Antibiotic
Anastrozole Generic Arimidex®Women's Health
Aripiprazole Generic Abilify®Mental Health
Atenolol Generic Tenormin®Heart Disease
Atorvastatin Generic Lipitor®Heart Disease
Baclofen Generic Lioresal®Muscle Pain
Benazepril Generic Lotensin®Heart Disease
Benzonatate Generic Tessalon®Respiratory
Benztropine Generic Cogentin®Parkinson's Disease
Bethanechol Generic Urecholine®Urinary/Bladder
Bisoprolol/Hydrochlorothiazide Generic Ziac®Heart Disease
Bumetanide Generic Bumex®Heart Disease
Bupropion Generic Wellbutrin®Mental Health
Bupropion Extended Release (ER) Generic Wellbutrin SR®Mental Health
Bupropion XL Generic Wellbutrin XL®Mental Health
Buspirone Generic Buspar®Mental Health
Calcitriol Generic Rocaltrol®Vitamin D
Carbidopa/Levodopa Generic Sinemet®Parkinson's Disease
Carvedilol Generic Coreg®Heart Disease
Cefadroxil Generic Duricef®Antibiotic
Celecoxib Generic Celebrex®Arthritis
Cephalexin Generic Keflex®Antibiotic
Chlorthalidone Generic Hygroton®Heart Disease
Cilostazol Generic Pletal®Heart Disease
Citalopram Generic Celexa®Mental Health
Clindamycin Generic Cleocin®Antibiotic
Clonidine Generic Catapres®Heart Disease
Clopidogrel Generic Plavix®Heart Disease
Cyproheptadine Generic Periactin®Allergic Reaction
Dexamethasone Generic Decadron®Arthritis
Diclofenac Sodium Generic Voltaren®Arthritis
Dicyclomine Generic Bentyl®IBS
Digoxin Generic Lanoxin®Heart Disease
Diltiazem Extended Release (ER) Generic Cardizem CD®Heart Disease
Divalproex Extended Release (ER) Generic Depakote ER®Mental Health/Seizures
Donepezil Generic Aricept®Mental Health
Doxazosin Generic Cardura®Men's Health
Doxepin Generic Sinequan®Used for Eczema, Itching, and more…
Doxycycline Hyclate Generic Vibramycin®Antibiotic
Duloxetine Generic Cymbalta®Mental Health
Dutasteride Generic Avodart®Men's Health
Enalapril Generic Vasotec®Heart Disease
Ergocalciferol Generic Drisdol®Vitamin D
Escitalopram Generic Lexapro®Mental Health
Esomeprazole Generic Nexium DR®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Estradiol Generic Estrace®Women's Health
Ezetimibe Generic Zetia®Heart Disease
Famotidine Generic Pepcid®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Felodipine Extended Release (ER) Generic Plendil®Heart Disease
Fenofibrate Generic Tricor®Heart Disease
Finasteride Generic Propecia®Men's Health
Flecainide Generic Tambocor®Anti-arrhythmic
Fluconazole Generic Diflucan®Anti-fungal
Fluoxetine Generic Prozac®Mental Health
Folic Acid Generic Folvite®Women's Health
Fosinopril Generic Monopril®Heart Disease
Furosemide Generic Lasix®Heart Disease
Gemfibrozil Generic Lopid®Heart Disease
Glimepiride Generic Amaryl®Diabetes
Glipizide Generic Glucotrol®Diabetes
Glipizide Extended Release (ER) Generic Glucotrol XL®Diabetes
Glyburide Generic Micronase®Diabetes
Glyburide/Metformin Generic Glucovance®Diabetes
Glycopyrrolate Generic Robinul®Stomach Ulcers
Hydralazine Generic Apresoline®Heart Disease
Hydrochlorothiazide Generic Esidrix®Heart Disease
Hydroxychloroquine Generic Plaquenil®Arthritis
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Generic Atarax®Antihistamine
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Generic Vistaril®Antihistamine
Hyoscyamine Generic Levsin®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Ibuprofen Generic Motrin®Muscle Pain
Imipramine Hydrochloride Generic Tofranil®Mental Health
Indapamide Generic Lozol®Heart Disease
Indomethacin Generic Indocin®Arthritis
Irbesartan Generic Avapro®Heart Disease
Isosorbide Mononitrate Extended Release (ER) Generic Imdur®Heart Disease
Labetalol Generic Normodyne®Heart Disease
Lamotrigine Generic Lamictal®Seizure
Letrozole Generic Femara®Women's Health
Levetiracetam Generic Keppra®Seizure
Levocetirizine Generic Xyzal®Allergies
Levofloxacin Generic Levaquin®Antibiotic
Levothyroxine Generic Synthroid®Hypothyroidism
Lisinopril Generic Zestril®Heart Disease
Lisinopril/Hydrochlorothiazide Generic Zestoretic®Heart Disease
Lithium Extended Release (ER) Generic Lithobid®Mental Health
Losartan Generic Cozaar®Heart Disease
Losartan/Hydrochlorothiazide Generic Hyzaar®Heart Disease
Lovastatin Generic Mevacor®Heart Disease
Meclizine Generic Antivert®Nausea/Vomiting
Medroxyprogesterone Generic Provera®Women's Health
Meloxicam Generic Mobic®Arthritis
Memantine Generic Namenda®Alzheimer's Disease
Metformin Generic Glucophage®Diabetes
Metformin Extended Release (ER) Generic Glucophage XR®Diabetes
Methimazole Generic Tapazole®Hyperthyroidism
Methocarbamol Generic Robaxin®Muscle Pain
Metoclopramide Generic Reglan®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Metoprolol Generic Lopressor®Heart Disease
Metoprolol Extended Release (ER) Generic Toprol XL®Heart Disease
Metronidazole Generic Flagyl®Antibiotic
Midodrine Generic Proamatine®Heart Disease
Minocycline Generic Dynacin®Antibiotic
Minoxidil Generic Loniten®Heart Disease
Mirtazapine Generic Remeron®Mental Health
Montelukast Generic Singulair®Asthma
Nabumetone Generic Relafen®Arthritis
Naproxen Generic Naprosyn®Muscle Pain
Nevirapine Generic Viramune®HIV
Nifedipine Extended Release (ER) Generic Adalat CC®Heart Disease
Nortriptyline Generic Pamelor®Mental Health
Olanzapine Generic Zyprexa®Mental Health
Olmesartan Generic Benicar®Heart Disease
Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Generic Lovaza®Heart Disease
Omeprazole Generic Prilosec®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Ondansetron Generic Zofran®Antiemetic
Oxcarbazepine Generic Trileptal®Seizure
Oxybutynin Extended Release (ER) Generic Ditropan XL®Bladder
Pantoprazole Generic Protonix®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Paroxetine Generic Paxil®Mental Health
Penicillin V Potassium Generic Pen Vee K®Antibiotic
Pioglitazone Generic Actos®Diabetes
Potassium Chloride Extended Release (ER) Generic K-Dur®Mineral Supplement
Pramipexole Generic Mirapex®Parkinson's Disease
Pravastatin Generic Pravachol®Heart Disease
Prednisone Generic Deltasone®Arthritis
Promethazine Generic Phenergan®Allergies
Propafenone Generic Rythmol®Antiarrhythmic
Propranolol Generic Inderal®Heart Disease
Quetiapine Generic Seroquel®Mental Health
Quetiapine Extended Release (ER) Generic Seroquel XR®Mental Health
Quinapril Generic Accupril®Heart Disease
Ramipril Generic Altace®Heart Disease
Repaglinide Generic Prandin®Diabetes
Risperidone Generic Risperdal®Mental Health
Ropinirole Generic Requip®Parkinson's Disease
Rosuvastatin Generic Crestor®Heart Disease
Sertraline Generic Zoloft®Mental Health
Simvastatin Generic Zocor®Heart Disease
Sotalol Generic Betapace®Heart Disease
Spironolactone Generic Aldactone®Heart Disease
Sucralfate Generic Carafate®Stomach/Acid Reflux
Tamoxifen Generic Nolvadex®Breast Cancer
Tamsulosin Generic Flomax®Men's Health
Telmisartan Generic Micardis®Heart Disease
Terazosin Generic Hytrin®Heart Disease
Terbinafine Generic Lamisil®Anti-fungal
Topiramate Generic Topamax®Seizure
Torsemide Generic Demadex®Diuretic
Trandolapril Generic Mavik®Heart Disease
Trazodone Generic Desyrel®Mental Health
Triamterene/Hydrochlorothiazide Generic Dyazide®Heart Disease
Trihexyphenidyl Generic Artane®Parkinson's Disease
Venlafaxine Generic Effexor®Mental Health
Venlafaxine Extended Release (ER) Generic Effexor XR®Mental Health
Verapamil Generic Calan®Heart Disease
Warfarin Generic Coumadin®Heart Disease
Ziprasidone Generic Geodon®Schizophrenia
Zonisamide Generic Zonegran®Seizures
Mycophenolate Generic Cellcept®Immunosuppressant

List may be changed at anytime without notice. If you do not see your medication, ask a staff member if your drug is also eligible. All strength unless otherwise noted. Based upon a “typical” daily dosage, some daily regimens may not be eligible.