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Nov 4, 2021

Understanding Drug Pricing

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5 Reasons Why Filling your Medications in Longer Supply may Save you Time and Money

Some daily medications are taken on a long-term basis. If you’re on a long-term medication you may be able to save time and money by filling your medications in longer durations.

At Marley Drug, we offer 100s of generic medications in a 6- or 12-month supply to help reduce your costs and help you to spend less time thinking about when you need to order your next refill.

Benefits of Filling your Medications in Longer Supply

Longer supply is good for the patient, the doctor, and the pharmacy.

  1. Better Pricing: By providing medications for a longer duration, we can offer you better pricing because we only have to fill the prescription once.
  2. Fewer Pharmacy Visits: Getting your medication can be time consuming and isn’t always convenient with our busy schedules. By getting your medications in a 6- or 12-month supply, you will spend less time visiting a pharmacy.
  3. Fewer Refill Requests: With your doctor prescribing your medication in a 6- or 12-month supply, you don’t have to repeatedly ask your doctor to provide you with a refill.
  4. Less Stress About Running Out and Better Adherence: Many people run out of their medication because they forget to re-order it. It happens to almost everyone, but by filling your prescriptions in a 6- or 12-month supply you can ensure you have a constant supply of your medication on hand.
  5. No More Arguing with Insurance: Many insurance plans require pre-approval for certain medications. This can be very time-consuming for both patients and healthcare providers. If you pay cash for your medication, there is no insurance, which means no prior authorization headaches.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved – the patient, the doctor, and the pharmacist.

At Marley Drug, we offer an easy solution to overpriced medications

Generic medications should not be expensive. Medications on Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List are often as low, if not lower, than your insurance copay, so why not keep your insurance for when you need it? Even better, by paying cash, you don’t need to worry about insurance approval like prior authorizations. Whether you’ve lost insurance or are tired of expensive co-pays, check out our Wholesale Price List, where you may realize significant cost savings.

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