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Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List

Buy more. Save more. One consistent price for a growing list of over 100 FDA-approved medications. 

Simplicity. Certainty.

Our Wholesale Price List provides many popular FDA-approved generic medications for one consistent price without the hassle of insurance and unexpected fees.

We understand how frustrating price fluctuations are. We also believe cost shouldn’t be a barrier to your medications. We offer you price simplicity and certainty for over 100 FDA-approved medications.

  • No more waiting in line at the pharmacy
  • Guaranteed in stock
  • Free shipping on 6- and 12-month supplies

Wholesale Price List


To deliver safe, efficacious, and cost-effective medications that benefit patients and healthcare providers in the U.S.

Dave saves $4,340 and 4+ pharmacy trips by switching to Marley Drug

Pricing is comparing the cost of 1 year prescription fills at Marley Drug to 90-day prescription fills at a local pharmacy. Pricing as of February 14, 2022

Filling in Longer Supply is Better for Patients and Doctors!

Survey suggests most physicians would write their patients longer prescriptions…if they could. 


  • Fewer pharmacy visits
  • Better prices
  • Improved adherence
  • Ensures patients have a constant supply of their medications

We price our medications based on what it costs us to buy them from the wholesaler

You may see an advertisement for $4 medications from other pharmacies. That’s a really good cash price for a generic. However, the price applies to only a handful of generics. The rest of medications may cost a lot more since they are often priced based on what brand counterparts' cost.

Medications on our Wholesale Price List costs $6 a month (6- or 12- month supply) and the list includes over 100 medications. We have kept the same price for the last 10 years. The list is only growing as we find more affordable sources for common FDA-approved medications.

We deliver affordable medications to all Americans by pricing our medications based on our acquisition cost. This way we can transfer savings directly to our customers.

How Marley Drug prices its medications