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Oct 11, 2022



Amy's 50th Birthday Surprise: High Cholesterol

Being diagnosed with high cholesterol can be an emotional experience. The first thought is often: 'What can I do to fix this?' What lifestyle changes can I make? How do I get myself back on track?

The truth is, that sometimes making changes to your diet and exercise, even if they are drastic, aren’t always enough, and medication is required. In this case, the first medication you will likely be prescribed is a statin.

Choosing A Statin

Choosing the right statin for you can be a challenging task. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what statin is right for you.

There’s also a lot of negative press about statins in today’s world. Dr. Google is not always the best place to go or give the best advice. The best person to ask is your healthcare provider.

They can guide you through the process, discuss your concerns, and choose a statin that fits your lifestyle and family history.

Amy’s Experience: Diagnosed with High Cholesterol

One of our customers reached out to share her journey after being diagnosed with high cholesterol. We felt this story may resonate with a lot of you as you may have a similar experience.

Just after my 50th birthday last year, my cholesterol levels were awful. I was very hesitant to take statins due to personal autoimmune conditions plus a family history of adult-onset diabetes and requested time to really clean up my diet. Unfortunately, after three months of eating clean, my levels had gotten worse and a prescription was required. Thankfully, my doctor prescribed Zypitamag and the results have been wonderful.

The statin side effect of increased glucose numbers was one of my biggest concerns but they have not increased on Zypitamag at all. As an added bonus, I have not experienced any side effects from this medication.

I have been thrilled to work with you and Marley Drug for my medication. Our insurance only covers the brand Livalo which is cost prohibitive at $863.27 for 90 days. Obviously, Zypitamag through Marly Drug at $103.50 for 90 days is so much better!!

As soon as my doctor submitted the prescription, I was contacted by Terri, who explained the process and set up delivery to my home and payment through my HSA card. It could not have been easier!

I highly recommend Zypitamag and Marley Drug both and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with each one!

* Your personal experience with Zypitamag may differ. Zypitamag is an adjunctive therapy to diet in adult patients with primary hyperlipidemia or mixed dyslipidemia. Zypitamag, like all statins, can cause side effects. The most commonly reported side effects with Zypitamag are back pain, constipation, diarrhea, muscle pain, and pain in the legs or arms. This is not a complete list of side effects. Increases in glucose levels and HbA1c have been reported with statins, including pitavastatin. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if Zypitamag is right for you. This is a stock photo which represents an actual patient testimonial.

About Zypitamag

Zypitamag (pitavastatin), a third-generation statin, has a reduced potential for interactions with foods and many commonly prescribed medications. Click the button below to learn more about this third generation statin.

Learn about Zypitamag

Questions about your Statin and Cholesterol?

We’re here to help. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol, or have questions about your statin, give us a call and one of our pharmacists would be happy to answer your questions.

Call us at 800-810-7790 for a free pharmacy consultation.

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