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Zypitamag® (pitavastatin)
—a different kind of statin

Marley Drug offers Zypitamag tablets for just $1 per day*.

Not all patients are the same. Not all statins are the same.

Zypitamag (pitavastatin), a next-generation statin, has a reduced potential for interactions with foods and many commonly prescribed medications.

New to Zypitamag? With a valid prescription you may qualify to receive the first 30-days free.

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Zypitamag uses a less busy enzyme pathway so it is less likely to cause problems with other medications you take. CYP450 stands for cytochrome P450 which is a common enzyme used to process 70-80% of medications. UGTs stands for uridine 5'-diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) which is an enzyme that metabolizes pitavastatin by a process called glucuronidation.

What makes Zypitamag different from most statins

Statins, like most medications, are metabolized by enzymes in our body. 70-80% of medications are processed by the same family of enzymes known as CYP450. When these enzyme pathways become too busy it can lead to drug interactions.

Zypitamag bypasses this enzyme family and is instead mainly processed by a less busy enzyme family. This leads to a reduced potential for certain interactions with other medications.

Key Features about Zypitamag
  • Comes in 2 mg and 4 mg doses
  • A moderate-intensity statin
  • Taken once daily, with or without food
  • Compatible with grapefruit juice (unlike some other statins)
  • FDA approved in 2017

Before giving up on your statin altogether, ask your doctor about Zypitamag

3 simple steps to switch to Zypitamag

1. Talk to your Doctor

Have your healthcare provider phone (800) 810-7790, fax (336) 771-9921, or E-Scribe your prescription to Marley Drug.

We cannot substitute any prescription (or refill) written for Livalo® without a phone call to the prescriber to get authorization for a new pitavastatin Rx.
2. Make payment arrangements

Once Marley Drug receives your prescription, we’ll call you to arrange payment.

Zypitamag is available in 2 mg or 4 mg tablets. No account or subscription necessary.
3. Get fast and free delivery

Your prescription will be shipped via USPS priority mail, right to your door! It’ll arrive within 3-4 business days.

Plus, if you are new to Zypitamag you get the first 30-day supply for FREE* with Marley Drug. Contact us for more details.

Why is our price for Zypitamag so low?

You can access Zypitamag directly for $1 per day* without any insurance hassles. We are able to provide this price because of our partnership with the manufacturer, Medicure. Our price is 50% lower than at other pharmacies. Just $1 per day*!

Additional Benefits of ordering through Marley Drug:

  • No insurance is needed
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Available to all patients*
  • Plus – receive the first 30 days FREE with a valid Rx*
* With valid Rx. Conditions apply. Visit for more information. Please call us to see if you are eligible for your first 30-days free.

If you have high cholesterol, taking a statin is important.

Did you know…

  • 40-75% of people will stop taking their statin in the first year1,2,3
  • 62% of former statin users said that side effects was the reason they stopped taking their statin4

Bring this information sheet to your next doctor’s appointment.

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