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Colchicine (generic Colcrys and Mitigare)

Colchicine is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used to treat gout, recurrent pericarditis, and familial Mediterranean fever. More recently, colchicine has been shown to potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in those who have coronary artery disease.

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How Colchicine Works

This is a complicated answer as colchicine is used to treat several conditions. Generally, colchicine is an anti-inflammatory type medication, which means its reduces inflammation.

Colchicine works to treat gout by reducing the inflammation caused by crystals of uric acid in your joints. This also helps to reduce pain from gout.

For treating familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) colchicine affects the way your white blood cells work and this helps to reduce the inflammation that can cause symptoms.

Colchicine Frequently Asked Questions