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Aug 11, 2021

Understanding Drug Pricing

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Prescription Refills Simplified: A Smarter Way to Save Time and Money

Mary has been on cholesterol medication for a couple of years. She is 68 and sometimes forgets to refill her prescription every 3 months, meaning she can sometimes go without her medication for a few days. She wishes she didn’t have to mark her calendar with refill reminders, but she doesn’t know a better way.

Ever been there? Or know someone who has? Then this article is for you.

Filling your medication every 3 months can be a hassle, with some medications even requiring renewal every month! We’ve all forgotten about ordering a refill and were stuck in a high stress situation calling our doctor’s office to get a refill and finding a pharmacy to fill it at the last minute. I’m sure there’s some of you reading this who might have just stopped your medication altogether due to the headaches of getting a refill and dealing with your insurance coverage.

This hassle doesn’t have to exist! Your local pharmacy Marley Drug has a solution that is now available nationwide.

Learn about Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List.

The Benefits of Getting Your Medications from Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List

Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List offers all medications in 6- or 12-month supplies.

Longer fills are good for the doctor, the patient, and the pharmacy. By getting your daily medication in 6- or 12-month supplies you will save time and money.

  • Better Pricing: By providing more medication upfront for a longer period of time, we can offer you better pricing because we only have to fill the prescription once.
  • Fewer Pharmacy Visits: Getting your medication can be time consuming and isn’t always convenient. By getting your medications in a 12-month supply, you only have to go to the pharmacy once per year!
  • Fewer Refill Requests: With your doctor prescribing your medication in 12-month supplies, it means you don’t have to go back to them asking for a refill every 3 months.
  • Less Stress About Running Out and Better Adherence: Many people accidentally run out of medication. It happens! By having a 12-month supply we ensure you have a constant supply of your medication on hand.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved – the doctor, the pharmacist, and the patient.

Why don’t insurance plans allow you to fill for 6- or 12-months?

Insurance plans typically have quantity limits on medications in order to control costs. Quantity limits can vary, but they typically define how much of a drug you can fill in a given time period.

Most insurance companies will not allow you to fill medications for 6- or 12-month supplies. There are some exceptions, like proof of international travel, but require pre-approvals that can be a headache.

These restrictions, while good intended, can drive up the cost of your medications, especially for those medication that you take daily. According to the KFF 2020 Employee Health Benefits Annual Survey, patients pay an average co-pay of $10 per month for their generic medications.1 We are offering 45+ medications at a price point better than that, at less than $6/month.

So why are people paying more for generic medications with insurance than through Marley Drug with cash? You’re not just paying for your medication when you go through insurance. You’re also paying all the administration fees that go along with it. The difference between a 12-month fill and four 3 months fills is actually quite a lot. It means 3 additional visits to your pharmacy per year, which means 3 additional dispensing fees, and potentially 3 additional refills by your doctors. And worst of all, this cost is ultimately paid for by the patient in the end (through co-pays and deductibles) and/or by their employer.

This is why our Wholesale Price List doesn’t use insurance.

How Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List Works

  1. We receive your prescription from your Healthcare Provider
  2. We contact you to confirm the order and the price.
  3. We ship 6- or 12-month supplies to your door for free

How we Price our Generic Medications

Our Wholesale Price List is very simple. If we can buy a 90-day supply of any generic drug for less than $12, it goes on our list of medications. We currently offer over 50 common medications at $70 for a 12-month supply. That’s less then $6 per month.

For medications above that price point there’s no need to worry. We price our medications based on what it costs us as a pharmacy to buy them. That way you can be assured you’re getting the best price. The only fee you pay here at Marley Drug is a dispensing fee, which you would pay at any other pharmacy in the U.S., but we promise you, we won’t artificially raise the price of the medications just to make a quick buck.

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