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Educational Video Content

5 Things to Know About Pitavastatin

Pitavastatin is a third-generation statin. It is different from other statins. See how.

Learn more about 5 things to know about pitavastatin.

Statin Use in Specific Patient Populations

Everyone is different and so are statins. You have options and certain statins may be better suited for you. If you have multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease, are over the age of 65, are of Asian descent, or are living with diabetes, then this video is right for you.

Click to watch this video.

Understanding Statins and CoQ10

Statins are known to lower Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) levels in our body. Certain statins change levels more than others.

Learn more about statins and their effects on CoQ10 levels.

Hydrophilic vs. Lipophilic Statins

Some statins are hydrophilic (water-loving) and others are lipophilic (fat-loving). There are key differences between these two type of statins that are important to know before choosing the right statin for you.

Learn more about the differences between hydrophilic and lipophilic statins.

Statins and Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a common complaint people have after taking a statin. In fact, its the primary reason people stop taking their statin medication. While you may have side-effects from one statin, that may not be the case with a different statin.

Learn more about statins and muscle pain.

Statins and Drug Interactions

Statins, like all medications, can cause drug-drug interactions. Not all statins are the same. Certain statins, like pitavastatin and pravastatin have reduced potential for interacting with certain medications.

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