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Compare Statins
Factors to Consider when Choosing a Statin​

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a statin. Some things to discuss with your healthcare provider include:​

  • What statin intensity do I require?​
  • How will my body process the statin?​
  • What statin is the safest?​
  • Which statin has the fewest side effects?

Compare Statin Options

Statin Intolerance and Side Effects
Statin Intol​erance Affects 9.1% of Patients

Statin intolerance is when someone cannot take their statin therapy due to side-effects or adverse events they experience. Certain risk factors that increase your chances including:

  • Being female: 47.9% increase risk​
  • Increasing age: 33.1% increased risk​
  • Having hypothyroidism: 39.6% increased risk​
  • Being overweight: 30.6% increased risk

Learn more about additional statin intolerance risk factors here and what you can do.

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Statins for Various Patient Types

Not all patients are the same. If you have multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease, are over the age of 65, are of Asian descent, or are living with diabetes, then this video is right for you.

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Statin Drug-Drug Interactions

Like all medications, statins can cause drug-drug interactions. Not all statins are the same. Certain statins, like pitavastatin and pravastatin have reduced potential for interacting with certain medications.

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Statins and Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is the #1 reason people stop taking statins. While you may have side-effects like muscle pain from one statin, that may not be the case with a different statin.

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