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LoDoCo Now Available at Marley Drug: A New Horizon in Heart Health

LODOCO available at Marley Drug

Marley Drug is thrilled to announce the availability of LODOCO (colchicine) tablets, an addition to our lineup of branded medication solutions, aimed at enhancing heart health.

This groundbreaking medication is proven to reduce the risk of cardiac events by 31% for adults with established atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Our partnership with AGEPHA Pharma enables us to offer LODOCO at an accessible price, reflecting our shared commitment to enhance drug affordability. LODOCO's unique anti-inflammatory properties provide a new layer of protection against heart disease, alongside standard treatments.



Approved by the FDA in 2023, LODOCO (low-dose-colchicine) became the first anti-inflammatory medication approved to lower to the risk of cardiac events. It was studied specifically in patients with established heart disease or those at a high risk on top of high-intensity statin therapy.

  • Reduced cardiac events by 31% compared to placebo
  • Available in 0.5mg tablet form
  • Taken once per day with or without food

LODOCO stands out for its proven efficacy in reducing the risk of cardiac events among adults with established heart disease.

Accessing LODOCO through Marley Drug

LODOCO is priced at $99 for 30-tablets through our pharmacy. This is a savings of over $200 compared to a local pharmacy. We are able to offer this medication at this price thanks to an agreement with the manufacturer which allows us to bypass wholesalers and middlemen to cut out added costs associated with the drug supply chain.

This model reduces healthcare costs and allows patients access to LODOCO without having to jump through insurance hoops to get it approved.

Marley Drug offers free home delivery and award winning customer service to all its customers. We look forward to serving those now taking LODOCO. With 20-years of pharmacy experience we believe this medication will be a gamechanger in the cardiovascular space.