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Access affordable medications with our Wholesale Price List. A fixed pricing model for over 150 generic medications.

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Many Americans can’t afford their basic medications

Inflation is a significant source of worry for many Americans. Especially if you’re on a fixed income and need multiple medications for chronic medical conditions. With rising drug price and inflation, you may be forced to choose between your medication and cost of living such as food and rent. No one should be faced with such dilemma.

Inflation isn't to blame for high drug cost

The truth is, it is the pharmaceutical middlemen, called ‘pharmacy benefit managers’(PBMs) who control the drug supply chain.

PBMs are third-party companies that manage prescription drug benefits for health insurance plans, employers, and government programs. They are responsible for deciding U.S. drug pricing for consumers.

The irony is that they drive up the drug cost to pad their pockets instead of helping patients. They complicate the supply chain through rebates and spread pricing.

Marley Drug bypasses the middlemen to reduce costs

PBMs pass hidden fees like rebates and spread pricing onto consumers and pharmacies. Pharmacies have little control over drug price when insurance is involved. That's why we decided to bypass PBMs and offer insurance-free fixed pricing through our Wholesale Price List.

The cost of each medication on Wholesale Price List is $37 for 6 months, $70 for a year.

When the list was first launched in 2012 it only contained 25 generics. Now the list has grown to include over 150 generics with the same pricing.

With nationwide free shipping you get your medication delivered to your door within 2 days. We’ve helped thousands of customers just like you for almost 20 years!

Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List

Wholesale Price List

How PBM contributes to rising drug costs


One way PBMs may inflate medication costs is the rebates. PBMs negotiate rebates with drug manufacturers in exchange for placing their drugs on formularies to be covered by insurance.

These rebates can be significant, with some reaching up to 50% of the list price of a drug.

However, there are concerns that these rebates may not always result in lower costs for patients, as PBMs may not pass on the full value of the rebate to insurers or patients.

Spread pricing

Another way PBMs may contribute to inflated medication costs is through spread pricing.

PBMs may negotiate with pharmacies to pay a certain amount for a drug, but then charge the insurer or employer a higher amount, keeping the difference as profit. This can result in significantly higher costs for patients, as well as the healthcare system.

That’s not all

Additionally, some PBMs have been accused of engaging in anti-competitive practices, such as steering patients to certain drugs or pharmacies in exchange for financial incentives, which can also contribute to inflated medication costs.

How Marley Drug Pharmacy can help you 

Located in Winston-Salem, NC, we're an independent U.S. based pharmacy. Over almost two decades we've gained reputation for low-cost prescription medications and award-winning customer service.

We deliver affordable medications to you by

  • Removing the PBMs—By cutting out PBMs we are removing barriers to low cost medications. Without PMB’s involvement we can decide medication price based on what it costs us to purchase them, not relying on PBMs.
  • Using Cash Pricing Model —You will be shocked to learn that often cash price is lower than your copay. This is particularly true if you have high-deductible insurance plans or are uninsured.
  • Providing Discount Program —Our Wholesale Price List offers a flat fee of $37 for 6 months and $70 for a year over 150 generics.

Stop overpaying for your medication or getting bogged down by insurance headache. Spend time and money on things that matter to you the most.

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